Author : Hrishikes Bhattacharya

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ISBN No : 9780198074106

Publication : OUP India

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  • EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9780198074106
  • Year Of Publication : 15 Oct 2011


Banks and financial institutions are faced with two apparently conflicting phenomena-interest rate deregulation on the one hand and capital adequacy requirements and prudential norms on the other. In such a situation, these institutions need to work out a strategic framework which must evolve around the profit objective so as to build up quality loan-assets portfolios and to ensure adequate capital growth. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of lending strategies, credit appraisal, riskanalysis, and lending decisions within the overall objectives of a lending organization.

This revised edition takes into account recent global developments in the banking sector as well as changes in the notion of banking. It includes three new chapters in which the author discusses topical issues such as the impact of capital regulation on the risk attitude and profitability of banks, strategies to protect banks from a liquidity crisis, and the need of a portfolio approach in developing models for credit exposure and loan management within a risk-return framework. Providing a logical framework along with examples of practical applications and case studies, this book imparts students and professionals with required skills necessary to develop the expertise needed to manage finance and credit in banking and elsewhere in the financial sector.

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