Author : Rita Clifton

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Author : Rita Clifton

Publication: Profile Books Ltd

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Main Material: Hardback

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ISBN: 9781846681196

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 9781846681196

Published: 19-Mar-2009

Although the balance sheet may not even put a value on it, a company's brand or its portfolio of brands is in many cases its most valuable asset, accounting for as much as 70% of a firm's market value in some cases. This book argues that because of this and because of the power of not-for-profit brands like Oxfam, all organisations should make the brand their central organising principle, guiding every action and decision. Divided into three parts and written by eighteen experts on the subject, this fully revised and updated guide to brands and branding examines the case for brands, outlines best practice and the future for brands.

It includes chapters on brand valuation, what makes a brand great, brand strategy, brand experience, visual and verbal identity, brand communications, brand protection and new chapters on branding in India and brands in a digital world.

ISBN No : 9781846681196

Publication : Profile Books Ltd

Main Material : Hardback

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