Author : Robert T. Smith | Roland B. Minton

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Size: 285 x 218 (mm)

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Main Material: Paperback / softback

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ISBN No: 9780071316576

EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9780071316576

Year Of Publication: 1 Apr 2011

Now in its 4th edition, Smith/Minton, Calculus offers students and instructors a mathematically sound text, robust exercise sets and elegant presentation of calculus concepts. When packaged with ALEKS Prep for Calculus, the most effective remediation tool on the market, Smith/Minton offers a complete package to ensure students success in calculus.The new edition has been updated with a reorganization of the exercise sets, making the range of exercises more transparent. Additionally, over 1,000 new classic calculus problems were added.

ISBN No : 9780071316576

Publication : McGraw-Hill Education - Europe

Main Material : Paperback / softback

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