Author : Kathryn Hashimoto | George G. Fenich

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ISBN No : 9780131710191

Publication : Pearson Education (US)

Main Material : Paperback / softback


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  • EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9780131710191
  • Year Of Publication : 4 Jan 2006


In order to understand the gaming and casino industry, it is important to know the terms that people use. Written for anyone interested in gaming, this dictionary provides an easy-to-use resource that defines casino industry terms and phrases, and makes sense of confusing jargon and buzz words. Moving beyond a traditional glossary or dictionary, the book includes both gaming and business terms and gives readers the tools to communicate effectively with those in the industry.

Offering unique coverage of game names, game rules, gambling jargon, dealer phrases, cheating techniques, and business terms, the dictionary not only introduces readers to the language of the industry, it introduces them to the industry itself. Defines over 2,000 gaming and business terms and phrases. Offers simple, concise definitions of terms giving readers the language needed to communicate more effectively with people in the industry.

Includes common business terms as well as gaming terms. Anyone interested in gaming.

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