Author : Robert Louis Stevenson

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Author : Robert Louis Stevenson

Publication: HarperCollins Publishers

Size: 150 x 210 x 11 (mm)

Weight: 158g

Main Material: Paperback / softback

Language: -

ISBN: 9780003230789

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 9780003230789

Published: 5-Mar-1999

This dramatisation for schools of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel is presented in the form of a tv documentary involving expert witnesses trying to get to the bottom of the strange case. The story is reconstructed and the audience is taken back to Victorian London... What happened to Dr Jekyll? 'Strange Cases', the investigative television documentary programme, tries to solve this puzzle using up-to-date know-how.

Key events are reconstructed and expert witnesses examine the evidence to reach a chilling conclusion. This play provides an accessible, exciting approach to the novel, as well as numerous opportunities for media work. Its language and atmosphere are true to Stevenson's story and make comparison work easy.

The large cast, including a chorus, makes the play suitable for reading in class, acting in drama lessons or school productions. The resource material investigates transformation, drugs and genetic engineering, as well as providing stimulating drama, media, speaking and writing activities.

ISBN No : 9780003230789

Publication : HarperCollins Publishers

Main Material : Paperback / softback

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