Author : Peter O'Connor

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ISBN No : 9780851992839

Publication : CABI Publishing

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  • EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9780851992839
  • Year Of Publication : 3 Jan 1999


Electronic information distribution has become undeniably important in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Using a combination of narrative, analysis and case studies, this text traces the origins of electronic distribution in tourism and places current developments in context, while also looking at developing technologies and assessing their potential effect on the industry of the future. It is written from a managerial (rather than a technical) perspective, and takes an international approach with worldwide analysis and case studies encompassing Europe and the USA as well as the global marketplace.

These include discussions of the distribution strategies of companies such as SABRE, Group Accor, Holiday Inn, Utell International, Best Western, as well as examinations of developing systems such as TIS, Gulliver, TravelWeb, Microsoft Expedia, Degriftour, Imminus and THG. Developments in all sectors of the tourism and hospitality industries are explored, but particular emphasis is placed on the accommodation product, illustrating its information distribution through each of the different systems.

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