Author : Robert A. Hisrich | Michael P. Peters | Dean A. Shepherd

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ISBN No : 9780071326315

Publication : McGraw-Hill Education - Europe

Main Material : Paperback


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  • EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9780071326315
  • Year Of Publication : 16 Feb 2013


The 9th Edition of Entrepreneurship, by Robert Hisrich, Michael Peters and Dean Shepherd has been designed to clearly instruct students on the process of formulating, planning, and implementing a new venture. Students are exposed to detailed descriptions of `how to' embark on a new venture in a logical manner. Comprehensive cases at the end of the text have been hand-picked by the authors to go hand-in-hand with chapter concepts.

The superb author team of Hisrich, Peters, and Shepherd draw from their distinct backgrounds to create a book that addresses the dynamics of today's entrepreneurial challenges. From Bob Hisrich's expertise in global entrepreneurship to Mike Peter's background as a both a real-life entrepreneur and academic to Dean Shepherd's current research on cognition and entrepreneurial mindset, this book balances the crucial line between modern theory and practice.

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