Author : Bradley R. Schiller | Cynthia Hill

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Year Of Publication: 1 Oct 2013

Schiller's Essentials of Economics is the market leader for the one-semester survey course, praised for its strong policy focus and core theme of seeking the best possible answers to the basic questions of What, How, and For Whom to produce. The 9th edition is benefited by SmartBook, the first adaptive reading experience designed to engage students with the content in an active and dynamic way, as opposed to the passive and linear reading experience they are used to. As a result, students are more likely to master and retain important concepts in the survey course.

As in previous editions, students are confronted early on with the reality that the economy doesn't always operate optimally, either at the macro or micro level, and are encouraged to examine the policy challenge of finding the appropriate mix of market reliance and government regulation that generates the best possible outcomes. In addition to the suite of resources available within Connect Economics, over 100 key topics are reinforced with interesting and innovative videos on YouTube, provided to help non-majors see the relevance of economics.

ISBN No : 9780071314763

Publication : McGraw-Hill Education - Europe

Main Material : Paperback

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