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Author : Nicky Singer

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Author : Nicky Singer

Publication: HarperCollins Publishers

Size: 192 x 129 (mm)

Weight: 357g

Main Material: Hardback

Language: -

ISBN: 9780007154401

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 9780007154401

Published: 20-Mar-2003

ISBN No : 9780007154401

Publication : HarperCollins Publishers

Main Material : Hardback

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Robert Nobel, the school pariah, triumphs over his own fears and the school bully, in this extraordinary tale of self-empowerment, legend and death. Robert is a boy who can do anything -- or so old Edith Sorrel at the nursing home tells him. Robert doesn't think so, knowing that he is the school geek.

But something compels him to do what Edith asks -- to visit old Chance House, where a boy once fell to his death from the top floor flat, to confront his fears and find some answers. Niker the bully thinks this is a great laugh. He challenges Robert to spend the night at Chance House with him -- but the balance of power changes, and it is Robert who proves to be the stronger.

Niker feels threatened by the change -- and when he finds out Robert's secret obsession, to make the dying Edith Sorrel a coat of feathers like in the old legend of the Firebird, he knows just how to wrest his old power back. But just how important is the coat of feathers and could it really save Edith's life?

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