Author : Richard Guthrie

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ISBN No : 9781847870155

Publication : SAGE Publications Ltd

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  • EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9781847870155
  • Year Of Publication : 13 Sep 2011


"This is an indispensable and highly-readable study of the publishing industry past, present and future. For students and professionals in publishing it provides an authoritative, up-to-date and reliable account of their complex and rapidly changing industry. For those interested more broadly in the role the creative industries play in the modern world this is a fine introduction.

It is to be highly recommended."- Iain Stevenson, Director, UCL Centre for PublishingAt last, a readable, authoritative and comprehensive book for students, readers and practitioners in print and digital publishing. The book guides the reader through the history of publishing and the main issues facing the industry today. Among these are:Legal conundrumsCultural conflictsTrade practicesPublishing within and across sectorsEditorial requirementsThe challenge of electronic publishingMaking your ideas count in printRationalization and the growth of corporate publishing cultures The result is an exciting one stop guide, written with real flair and aplomb.

Packed with helpful real-world examples and illustrative interviews this practical resource leaves no stone of the publishing industry unturned.

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