Author : Brian Farrington | Kenneth Lysons

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ISBN No : 9780273723684

Publication : Pearson Education Limited

Main Material : Paperback


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  • EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9780273723684
  • Year Of Publication : 22 Mar 2012


The publication of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, Eighth Edition marks the 28th anniversary since the first edition was published, and it continues its claim to be the most comprehensive textbook on purchasing and supply chain management currently available. It is also of value to professionals and those specialists in other fields who need an understanding of the role and influence of this vital area of business performance. The authors have used extensive knowledge of real life events to bring the subject matter to life and to provide a truly international focus on purchasing and supply chain.

The economic climate is a massive influence on the need for effective purchasing and supply chain management. Similarly, natural events such as the Japanese earthquakes present the profession with unique challenges. The content of the book will help focus attention in the appropriate risk areas of business.

This new edition has been fully revised, covering new developments in the purchasing and supply chain field. There is an increased emphasis on key decisions, supplier relationships, pricing control and negotiation.

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