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Size: 198 x 131 (mm)

Weight: 310g

Main Material: Paperback

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ISBN No: 9781405345095

EAN /UPC / ISBN: 9781405345095

Year Of Publication: 1 Jul 2009

It's crunch time - learn to re-write the corporate rule book with management guru Tom Peters. Discover how to re-write the corporate rule book with this new edition from the world's most influential management guru, Tom Peters. It helps you see how he predicts the death of bureaucracy and why he thinks business is cool.

It allows you to develop strategies to get ahead of the competition and become an enterprising, ideas-driven organisation, one that empowers individuals so you become a business known for innovation and excellence. A wake-up call for managers and executives everywhere who want to stay ahead of the game and get on the route to innovation for business excellence.

ISBN No : 9781405345095

Publication : Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Main Material : Paperback

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