Author : John A. Pearce | Richard B. Robinson

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ISBN No : 9780071289504

Publication : McGraw-Hill Education - Europe

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  • Year Of Publication : 1 Apr 2010


Contemporary research in strategic management, with an emphasis on conceptual tools and skills created by scholars and practitioners in the field are evident throughout "Strategic Management, 12/e". Pearce and Robinson have retained high level of academic credibility and market-leading emphasis on strategic practice with this edition. This text continues to have strong support from longtime adopters and growing support in schools with a desire to provide straightforward treatment of strategic management with a practical, systematic approach.

The 12th edition offers 30 cases with a mixture of small and large firms; start-ups and industry leaders; global and domestically focused companies; and service, retail, manufacturing, technology, and diversified activities. Pearce and Robinson continue to use a unique pedagogical model they created to provide logic and structure to its treatment of strategic management which in turn makes the material more easily organized by the instructor and learned by the student.

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