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Year Of Publication: 1 Jan 2015

With greater workplace demands comes greater stress - and it's taking a toll on our productivity and well-being.The standard recommendations are to exercise, meditate, eat better. But who has time for yoga poses amid nonstop meetings and pressing deadlines? Stress reduction becomes one more thing to do!Executive coach and psychotherapist Aimee Bernstein offers a more effective and realistic approach: embrace the pressure. See it as an energy source.

Tap into its flow to accomplish more while feeling calm and centered. It's a counterintuitive message that frenzied professionals can actually use.Stress Less. Achieve More delivers relief for the overwhelmed.

Part training manual, part spiritual guide, the book uncovers a total mental/physical/emotional formula to:Stop reacting defensivelyRetrain natural responses to stress triggersResolve conflicts harmoniouslyEnergize fatigued teammatesRelax in difficult situationsIn today's overbooked world, pressure is almost impossible to avoid. But with the tips, techniques, and exercises in Stress Less. Achieve More, you can turn it into your ally - and thrive under even the most demanding circumstances.

ISBN No : 9780814433836

Publication : Amacom

Main Material : Paperback / softback

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