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Year Of Publication: 1 Dec 2005

Surveying for Construction 5e is an essential textbook for students of engineering new to surveying, and will also appeal to students of building and environmental studies and archaeology. Offering a strong grounding in land and construction surveying, the authors clearly and comprehensively guide the reader through the principles, methods and equipment used in modern-day surveying. Taking into account recent advances in the field, the material has been fully updated and revised throughout including new and up-to-date coverage of levelling, total stations, detail surveys, and EDM.

A new chapter on GPS technology has been added. In keeping with the practical nature of the book, there are chapters on setting out construction works and surveying existing buildings, which guide the reader step-by-step through the fundamental procedures. The clear and methodical nature of the explanations, supported by a wide range of exercises and examples, make Surveying for Construction 5e an invaluable and modern introduction to surveying.

Key features include: *Fully updated coverage and new material throughout, including a new chapter on GPS *New Learning Objectives and Chapter Summaries which guide the student through the learning process and highlight the key principles and methods for each chapter *Numerous diagrams and figures which give students a clear and detailed understanding of equipment and procedures *Extensive boxed examples and exercises that guide students through real-world surveying methods and calculations *Website material: online material for creating your own surveying project allows students to practice the methods and techniques they have learnt

ISBN No : 9780077111144

Publication : McGraw-Hill Education - Europe

Main Material : Paperback / softback

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