Author : Cat Weatherill

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Author : Cat Weatherill

Publication: Penguin Books Ltd

Size: 195 x 129 x 20 (mm)

Weight: 210g

Main Material: Paperback / softback

Language: -

ISBN: 9780141321141

EAN/UPC/ISBN: 9780141321141

Published: 5-Jul-2007

ISBN No : 9780141321141

Publication : Penguin Books Ltd

Main Material : Paperback / softback

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Dark, magical and exciting, Cat Weatherill's new fantasy takes the legend of the Pied Piper and gives it an unexpected twist. Mari and her brother Jakob have followed the enchanted music and are now trapped in a world of wild magic. A world as cruel as it is beautiful.

And all the time, they are being stalked by a fearsome beast, who needs one of the children to break a centuries-old curse. But the price of breaking the curse is a terrible one . .

. A spellbinding and wild adventure, full of unexpected magic and danger.

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