Author : Brian G. MA Boniface | Chris Cooper

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ISBN No : 9781856175388

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  • Year Of Publication : 20 Mar 2009


Worldwide Destinations Casebook features 38 comprehensive case studies of international tourism destinations, 10 of them brand new and 28 updated. A companion to the core textbook Worldwide Destinations 5th edition, these cases contextulaise the learning and provide real life illustrations of the theories covered. This new edition covers subjects such as climate change, eco-tourism, destination regeneration and social impact.

Case studies are drawn from all regions of the world and include: London Docklands regenerationA tourism strategy for Morocco'New World' tourism - Outbound tourism from ChinaAntarctica: tourism or conservation?Re-visioning tired destinations: Australia's gold coastTourism in New YorkThe Way of St. James: the pilgrimage as a cultural resourceEcotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon The casebook brings a range of benefits to the classroom and by encouraging active learning allows students to gain valuable experience in: Problem solving and decision makingFocusing on key issues within a clearly defined situationThe development or honing of critical thinking skillsRecognising that there is no one 'correct' answer to a problemJudging the relevance of different types of evidence and techniques Worldwide Destinations Casebook is the ultimate resource for contectualizing theory and is essential reading for any tourism student.

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