Need Help Buying Online? Use any of the four methods below

1. Browse to the item you wish to buy either by using the search at the top of the page or navigate using the menu bar above.

2. On the product page click on the 'Add to cart' button. If you would like to continue shopping for more items click on 'Continue Shopping' otherwise if you are done shopping click on 'Proceed to Secure Checkout'

3. The next page allows you to confirm that all the items and the quantities are right. Click on 'Proceed to checkout'

4. The next page enables you to fill in your details, including delivery location and any special delivery instruction. Click on 'Continue'.

5. Select the payment method and make the payment.

Call us on 0733 522 108 / 0791579037 with your order. We will take down your order and shop for you.

Send us your list of items the following email: info@eysltd.biz and indicate your phone number as well. We'll then do the rest for you. Once we are done we'll contact you and deliver your order.